Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on Network Marketing

So 14 days ago I submitted my last post. From then till now, I have done very little to market my blog and it shows. I have spent some time today sourcing options.

Social networks is what I am looking at right now. I have already signed up with Facebook and Twitter and I have now signed up with Viral Networks which seems to be a great network specifically designed for Network Marketers like myself and many others. This is a great way to start building your business and your list at NO COST. You can upgrade if you like, but I am opting to use the free version and have made a number of contacts with other Network Marketers like myself. Feel free to click on the link and check this out.

I have not joined any more MLM Programmes as I still believe strongly in the one I have already joined :

Own your own people search website

Other than this, I have been very lazy, but I will still keep you posted on my progress.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Progress on my MLM mission - 1

So it's been 5 days since my last post and I thought I would give you an update on my progress. Being new to this marketing thing, I have not achieved too much, but I am certainly not giving up hope. I have set myself a goal to market on a few sites a day and although I have a few leads, I have not as yet closed any deals.

I do however understand and I think this is very important for all the newbies to know, that this process takes time. All the blurb from the MLM companies that you will get paid in the first few days is highly unlikely as you need to market yourself initially before you reap the rewards.

As soon as I get a couple of leads sealed, I will give you some of the sites I chose to market on (some free and some quite reasonable priced).

In the mean time, don't give up. Keep at it and it will fall into place. If any newbies read this and have help on getting started, please post comments, so that we can all benefit.

These are the first 4 steps I took :

1. Set goals (how much time are you going to spend marketing per day, how much do I want to make in my first month, 6 months, year, etc)

2. Setup a blog. There are loads of free blog sites if you use a search engine to search. I have used Make sure you put your affiliate links on your blog

3.Register your blog with AdSense so that once you start getting good traffic to your blog, you can earn extra income

4. Market your blog (thats where I'm at now)

Good luck

Earn from 8 streams in 1 affiliate program

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sustainabe income using the Internet

I have been investigating ways of making money on the Internet for the past 2 years now. Many websites offer you the opportunity of becoming a millionare overnight, but then make you pay for books that tell you very little.

The options I have been looking at are Affiliate Marketing, PPC and freelance work. My comments on the 3 are as follows :

PPC : This is very time consuming and not very prifitable. The legit sites pay up to 2c perclick. There are some sites that offer $1 - $10 per click, but don't even go there. The forums indicate that many people ahve spent time on the sites and have not been paid. THEY ARE SCAMS!

FREELANCE : There are a number of sites that offer freelance, but the problem with this is that you have to prove that you can do the work, but you can't prove that you can do it if you are not given the opportunity. It's a bit of a chicken egg situation.

AFFILIATE MARKETING : This seems to create a steady flow of income over an unlimited period of time. You would need to put in a bit of effort and a bit of money to set this up, but it is well worth it in the long run. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but a sustainable income for years to come. I have included the programs that I have joined so far and will update the list as I find more legit sites.

SFI Affiliate program - You don't have to spend a cent on this program

GDI Affiliate program - It will cost you $10 per month, but if you get 10 affiliates, you will break even and you will own your own website.

Acme People Search & Affilitize - Earn income from 8 income streams. You will get the help of Tissa who takes you through 3 easy steps to get started. You will join 3 other affiliate programs in the process. As a start, he will give you $125 when you make your first $75. Check out this forum to get the opinions of people who are in this program.