Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good News

Today I come bearing good news (or at least a little bit!). I am sitting with around 50 level 1 referals and 9 level 2 referrals in my Pro Clicks account. I made a whole 4 bucks, but at least it's better than nothing al all. Around half of me referrals are active giving me a few extra credits and cents.

My WRT2 account is also doing well. 35 1st level referrals and 5 2nd level. This is launching in 5 days from now and I quote, "Being first in something BIG can be life changing. Being first here can turn your life around. Our system is so unique and so viral that hundreds of thousands will hear about it overnight. You have the opportunity to get paid on everyone who registers after you, whether you referred them or not. EVERYONE. That's not a typo. EVERYONE who registers after you can make you money."

WRT2 is free to join and there is absolotelt no risk involved. It's worth a shot, even if it's all a fake.

I have also in my travels come across a great social networking site : My-ESPN. I have not done much and my total network already consits of 233 + 9 direct referrals. It seems everyone who registers is allocated members in their network automatically and all they suggest you do is get 3 referrals. This, of course can be done through Buyrefs which is a great source for referrals.

I will keep you posted.

Happy networking!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anybody who says this making money on the Internet thing is easy is definitely pulling the wool over your eyes. Failing to obtain even one person in my downline, I gave the whole thing a rest for a few months. I have now revived my attempts. One thing I can say is that you need to spent some money. Any marketing strategy requires you to spend money if you are going to be successful.

So I have allocated a small budget for myself, initially around $50, but you can use less. The first thing I did is to buy referals. I went to and for $8.95 bought 25 referals. Within 2 days I have received all 25 referals. There is of course no guarantee that these referals will do any work for you, but this is a good way to build up your mailing list which will allow you to send these people info on other programs that you are involved in.

One more thing, don't get bogged down with too many programs at once. Concentrate on one or 2 only until you are comfortable managing them and then move on. I currently have 2 programs I am concentrating on, GDI and a new program which is launching in 10 days, WRT2

I will keep you up to date on the status of my referals, but for now , happy money making!