Monday, September 6, 2010

Making money for Newbies

It's been a long haul (6 months+), but the benefits are coming in slowly but surely. Last month I spent about $25 and earned $24. Yes it is a very small step, but a little progress is always better than none. Below is a summary of what I have done so far.

  • Before doing anything, set yourself a budget. You will not be successfull if you do not spend some money marketing your products. You don't have to go over the top, somewhere between $20 - $50 per month will be ample to get you going.
  • Don't try and join too many programs at once. There are thousands of opportunities to earn HUGE amounts of money, but start small. A program earning $1000+ per month like ProClicks or earning $3905 per month with 3900 Income. These programs have a small investment of $5 and $6 respectively. Not a huge investment and once your matrix is filled to cover your expenses or more, you can look at higher investment programs.
  • Make sure you join at least one social network. There are many social networks designed specifically for Network Marketers like YOU. My-ESPN is a perfect example of like minded people connecting with each other. This network is in the launch stage and will offer an opportunity to earn money, but you have to get in quickly. If you would prefer another network, do a search and join any other Social Network you feel comfortable with.
Feel free to let me know how you are getting along. Remember that realistically you are not going to be a millionare overnight. Be patient. Spend a few hours finding new followers on your Social Network per day. Post links and have fun.